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Hawk's Cry

Little Hawk wants only two things, to live the life his grandfather has taught him to love and respect and to become a Cheyenne warrior. But when his father decides to join the renegade Dog Soldiers after the 1865 Colorado Indian War, Little Hawk’s dreams are jeopardized. Little Hawk believes he’s lost his chance to make his vision quest. As he and a breakaway group of Cheyenne travel through the sacred Medicine Bow Mountains, Little Hawk receives a frightening vision. He sees his future, and he’s afraid.


One hundred and fifty years later, twelve-year-old Ryan Tyler enjoys exploring the crevices and grassy heights of Summit Springs. But when he finds a faded piece of wood carved in the shape of a hawk, he experiences a mystical meeting with Little Hawk, the boy hero. Even though it would fit nicely in his collection, Ryan is inexplicably compelled to undertake a dangerous quest to the wilderness of Little Hawk’s childhood, return the artifact, and set Little Hawk’s spirit free.


Hawk’s Cry is a mystical tale interweaving two time periods, two stories, and two protagonists. Each experience a mystical vision and are sent on a perilous quest.