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Check Out These Workshop Reviews

Luann visited my classroom in November to facilitate a series of 90-minute writing workshops with my students. Luann worked with four different classes of varying ability. She introduced students to traditional Japanese Haiku, and students created their own awe inspired snapshots of nature. In another workshop, students imitated the style of William Carlos Williams, one group created six-word memoirs, and another class wrote the exposition of a story, focusing on introducing the setting, character(s) and any relevant background information. Each class was engaged and loved a creative atmosphere where they could easily think and write. Luann has a way with students that makes them want to write and learn. I would love to have her back every year. She did an amazing job.                                   

  --Jan Mari, Sterling Middle School ELA teacher

It was a delight to have Luann visit our school and provide a writer's workshop to our Junior High and High School students in addition to presenting Gran Kissed the Blarney Stone to our elementary students.  The entire day was such a memorable experience for the students. Luann did an astounding job inspiring students to be writers and engaged our younger students to imagine experiencing the Blarney Stone.  Luann made noteworthy connections with the students, and I highly recommend having her visit your school or organization.           

         --Celena Kennedy, K-12th Grade Special Education Teacher, Peetz Plateau School District 

Luann puts on a fantastic writing workshop.  I was pleased with her ability to get so many students interested in poetry so quickly.  She kept students engaged and on task and allowed students enough time to work on their writing throughout the workshop.  Having Luann in my classroom was a great experience and I hope to have her back again sometime!


Vance McCormick

7-12 ELA teacher

Revere Junior Senior High

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