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Hawk's Cry

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Welcome To My Website!

I am a writer of poetry, a children’s book, and historical fiction for both young adults and those adults who simply enjoy a good story even when the protagonist is a youngster. I've also dabbled in non-fiction nature and science writing but have yet to find an audience. Recently retired after over twenty-six years of teaching English Language Arts, I now call myself a book peddler with on-the-job training in publishing, marketing, and accounting. When my book peddling allows, and I'm not "wordsmithing" or facilitating workshops, I like to hit the links, camp with family, travel abroad, have coffee (or other libations) with friends, and spoil my grandchildren. You can find me in my writing cottage on a cattle ranch near White Butte Creek on the plains of Northeastern Colorado.

Contact me and we can chat about what I can provide for you!

Gran Kissed the Blarney Stone

"The illustrations and story of  Gran Kissed the Blarney Stone are extremely well done and encapsulate the tradition and history involved in the legend of kissing the Blarney Stone! This is a must-read book for all families, and I am sure it will become a very popular bedtime story!"     

               -Sir Charles Colthurst                                Proprietor of Blarney                                Castle and Gardens                                                                         

Writing Workshops

These interactive and educational workshops are currently available for students in grades 6th-12. 


Contact me today for information on my Writing Workshops. I love to travel and meet new people!





"Luann has a way with students that makes them want to write and learn. I would love to have her back every year. She did an amazing job."         

                                                                  *   (970 ) 520-0601    *    Akron, Colorado  USA
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