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Writing Workshops

I’m excited to continue using my talents to inspire and encourage young writers. I provide a variety of 90-minute workshop option for 6th-12 grades. Workshops may also be customized to fit any teaching situation. For more information, contact Luann at


As a fellow in the National and Colorado Writing Projects, I have been a writer teaching writers since 1994. So what are your writing goals? Let's talk about your writing projects. After 26 years of writing and teaching experience, I'm ready to venture beyond the classroom and use my skills to inspire and encourage your writing endeavors, whatever they may be.  


I offer a full range of editorial services, including developmental editing, guidance in conceiving a topic and planning the overall structure; proofreading, looking at basic language and correcting typographical errors; copy editing, ensuring consistent linguistics and format style; and content editing, improving language usage and structure, including fact and reference checking.


Writing is essential. It is how our work, learning, and intellect are judged. It is through writing we become better communicators as well as thinkers. With over 26 years of teaching experience, I can provide students with a tailored tutorial program which fits their needs and achieves their desired outcomes. 

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