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                   Hawk's Cry


Ryan thinks he is imagining the boy standing before him. When he reaches out to touch the young Cheyenne, laying the palm of his hand on the boy’s chest, he feels the strong thump of a heartbeat. With this mystical encounter, twelve-year-old Ryan Tyler is sent on an impossible quest to return a rare artifact, part of a plain’s courting flute, to the wilderness of the Cheyenne boy’s youth. Ryan experiences Cheyenne rituals and faces trials that make him question his quest into the rugged, untamed, and unforgiving Wyoming mountains.

A century and a half earlier, Little Hawk wants only two things, to live the life of Cheyenne and to become a Cheyenne warrior. But his world is turned upside down when his father decides to join a group of renegade warriors wreaking havoc across the plains. Not only is Little Hawk  separated from his beloved grandfather, the man who helped him make his plain’s courting flute, but he is forced to delay his vision quest and warrior ceremony. Traveling through the sacred Medicine Bow mountain range known for its powerful medicine, Little Hawk experiences a frightful vision. Now, he alone must come to terms with his dangerous future.

Hawk’s Cry is a historical fiction novel, interweaving two time periods, two stories, and two protagonists, each sent on a perilous quest.

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