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The sweetest and my most favorite picture taken at one of my first book signings. 

Sept. 2021


I participated in Heather Hein's Better Know and Author. What fun!


I was a guest on the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Podcast last week. We talked teaching, writing, and Hawk's Cry.

Hawk's Cry Launch Party Highlight Reel

     Gran Stays at the Haunted Hotel
...a Sequel Perhaps

After 26.5 years of teaching high school language arts at Merino High School in the Buffalo School District, I was presented with a night's stay at the famous (or infamous) Stanley Hotel in the famous (or infamous) Stephen King Room. "SO, HOW WAS IT?" you might ask--Well, we may have had two paranormal experiences, and my husband has a very curious, shadowy image in a video he took during the ghost tour. 

We had a wonderful time!


Gran Kissed The Blarney Stone Launch Party (Aug. 28th 2021)

The Lounge at McCauley's Moustache Cafe

What a great day!

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